Yamazaki Casked Umeshu + FREE Black Furoshiki Scarf

Yamazaki Casked Umeshu + FREE Black Furoshiki Scarf

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Bundle consists of:

1x Suntory Yamazaki Casked Umeshu 700ml

1X furoshiki scarf (Black)

Suntory Yamazaki Casked Umeshu

It is produced on-site at the distillery, from local plums and without the use of any colourings or other additives, and is bottled in a cute bottle with a shape evoking Suntory whiskies bottles. The plum liqueur matured in the toasted cask from Yamazaki. Utilising only the best Japanese Umeshu plums, it is aged in toasted oak whisky casks and is mixed with whisky that has been matured in plum liqueur casks to produce a full-bodied plum liqueur.

The result is quite surprising in the mouth with a finer and less syrupy liquor than most other umeshu, but in which one finds all the fruity sweetness of the plums with aromas of almonds, apricot and dried fruits. The impression transmitted by ex whisky barrels during ageing appears timidly at the end of the tasting, delivering some vanilla and woody notes.
Very popular in summer in Japan, the plum liquor can be enjoyed dry at room temperature or with some ice cubes as well.