Sipsmith Gin Bundle

Sipsmith Gin Bundle

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Bundle consist of:

1X Sipsmith London Dry Gin

1X Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Sipsmith London Dry Gin

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is distilled with 10 botanicals, carefully selected for an even drier balance than a classic London Dry Gin.

Nose:  Floral, summer meadow notes, followed by mellow rounded juniper and zesty, citrus freshness
Palate:  Gentle mouthfeel, with initial dry juniper joined by growing sweetness, showing lemon tart & orange marmalade, garnished by a wave of fresh lemon zest, followed by bolder juniper & light dryness, before all the flavours harmonise into one integrated taste 
Finish: Dryness leads, with spicy juniper & a hint of lemon tart emerging


Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Sipsmith Sloe Gin is a 29% red liqueur made with gin and sloe (blackthorn) drupes, which are a small fruit relative of the plum.

Nose: Redcurrant and ripe winter fruits with stone-fruit almond
Palate: Cassis with soft cherry and a rounded fruitiness
Finish: Velvety mouthfeel and balanced sweetness