Suntory Sui Gin with 6s Horoyoi [Expiry: May 2023] Bundle

Suntory Sui Gin with 6s Horoyoi [Expiry: May 2023] Bundle

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Bundle Consist Of: 

1x Suntory Sui Gin 700ML

2x Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (Grape) [Expiry: May 2023]

2x Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (White Grape) [Expiry: May 2023]

1x Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (Pineapple) [Expiry: May 2023]

1x  Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail (Ramune Sour) [Expiry: May 2023]

Suntory Sui Gin

A wonderful new premium gin expression from drinks giant Suntory that was created using three of Japan’s most famous flavours: Yuzu, Green Tea and Ginger, along with 8 traditional gin botanicals: juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, angelica seed, cardamom seed, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, and lemon peel. The results are a refreshing, unique and all-round delicious drinking experience that is perfect on the rocks, with tonic water, or in cocktails.

Alcohol % :  40%

Suntory Horoyoi Shochu Cocktail Expiry Date: MAY 2023

Horoyoi is a 3-percent alcohol Chu-Hi beverage with a sweet and gentle texture that can be leisurely enjoyed at your own pace. The name Horoyoi embodies the wish for light drinkers and new drinkers to enjoy a mild pleasant feeling tailored to the drinker.